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Saturn-Uranus II: Freedom vs. (Total) Control

New Sh*t, Coming to Light

"What I'm blathering about? New shit has come to light, man. She owes money all over town, including to known pornographers, and that's cool... that's cool, and of course they're going to say that they didn't get the money, because... she wants more, man! She's got to feed the monkey!" - The Dude, The Big Lebowski

Halfway through the Gemini lunar cycle, a lot of new shit has indeed come to light. In fact, looking back at what I wrote in my post on the June 10 Gemini Solar Eclipse, it's kind of shocking how fast the official narratives are unraveling.

In that post, I talked about how this year's three Saturn-Uranus squares are highlighting an epic (epochal) global battle for control of information. I mentioned some specific issues around censorship, freedom of speech, narrative, and the right to privacy and ownership of your data:

"The build-up to the first square, exact February 17, brought us the televised faux inauguration, the widely accepted “January 6 insurrection” story, a massive social media purge of users questioning the party line, and congressional action to increase how much spying the nation’s intelligence agencies do on our own citizens."

I surmised that Saturn-Uranus II, exact June 14, would coincide with a reaction to this information tyranny and that we would see the truth beginning to seep through the cracks in the official narrative - the story we are supposed to believe about what is happening in the world.


In our Cosmic Fire New Moon Report, Tatiana and I explored the Big Tech/Deep State/reptilian agenda to take total control of your mind and your body and ways you can fight back. Support our work and get it at the Full Moon price of only $5!


Total Information Awareness

Do you remember that aptly-named government program, authorized by Congress in the wake of the 9-11 terror event? The Total Information Awareness (TIA) program was designed to give intelligence and law enforcement officials “instant access to information from Internet mail and calling records to credit card and banking transactions and travel documents, without a search warrant.” TIA would...enable the government to develop “cradle to grave dossiers” on known individuals. (Privacy SOS website)

What we're really talking about with Saturn and Uranus this year is a battle for total control of the mind. The censorship, mass media propaganda campaigns, and thought policing we've been seeing in the past 18 months are just the most visible tip of a very scary spear, one that reaches back to the 1960s or before.

In my Summer 2020 eclipse videos, I looked at the astrological parallels between the Cancer solar eclipse on the solstice and the 2001 solstice eclipse that preceded 9-11. The year following the 2001 eclipse brought us one of the biggest false flag events in U.S. history. The 9-11 psyop wasn't just used as justification for starting another war in the Middle East, though. Through legislation like the Patriot Act, the creation of the Homeland Security department, and programs like TIA, the horrific images of 9-11 provided enough shock-and-awe to convince Americans to accept previously unthinkable restrictions on our personal freedom and intrusions into our private lives.

In the two decades since, Big Tech giants like Google and Facebook have worked closely with the CIA and NSA as well as other, more shadowy groups like The Atlantic Council to determine who is allowed to speak freely and who is not. (See this 2018 interview with Matt Taibbi; the former Rolling Stone reporter has been tracking the convergence of social media and government surveillance for a while now.)

In fact, U.S. military and government agencies were involved in Sergey Brin's research before he left Stanford University and started Google. (See Nafeez Ahmed's exhaustively-researched white paper: How and Why the CIA Made Google.)

End Game

I'm throwing a lot of sources at you in this piece because I know many well-intentioned people are just beginning to wake up and realize that there actually is a Deep State and that one reason certain "conspiracy theories" about "global elites" and "the 13 families that rule the world" are so hard to kill is because they contain grains of truth. If you're getting your information primarily from mainstream/legacy news companies or Google/Facebook/Twitter, the percentage of what you believe to be true about the world that actually is true is probably similar to the percentage of children who die from Covid-19. (Statistically approaching zero.)

I think it's important also to remember that people who commit genocide or conspire to commit genocide are so possessed by/infested with the Parasitic mind virus that they are not acting as humans.

Most of us who are spiritual seekers have retained an unusual amount of our innocence compared to the average shut-down member of society. We tend to project this innocence onto others: "Surely they wouldn't push that vaccine/blow up the World Trade towers/lock down the entire world" just to get more power or money or status!"

Because we would never do that.

So it's probably worth underlining that the Parasite isn't human. Like Agent Smith in the Matrix, it needs us but it also loathes us. It lacks any capacity for compassion and actually relishes - and feeds on - human misery.

The end game for the Parasite and its human minions is total control. Earth as a sustainable farm with humans as the food. A world in which the government (or whoever wields the power) can take control of your mind and make you think what they want you to think and behave as they want you to behave. A world where the people who remain after the next reset are physically weak, mentally ill, imprisoned in a state of helpless despair, and too lacking in energy to ever break free again.

The technology to accomplish this hellish dream already exists. I'll spare you that rabbit hole for another day, but basically, we've given them enough of the data listed in the TIA diagram from 20 years ago to enable them to virtually "reconstruct" you in cyberspace. Mass mind control transmissions through cellular devices are already being used experimentally (hello, Portland?). Take a quantum computer, a repository of every individual's unique DNA signature, and an AI/modeled virtual you in cyberspace, couple that power with 5G transmitters on every street, and...welcome to the machine.

Stanley Milgrim's four "prods" given to test participants who hesitated to administer electric shocks.

The Milgrim experiments showed us that people will kill a stranger with electric shocks to avoid disobeying a presumed authority figure.

We learned in 2020 that a frighteningly high percentage of the population will immediately surrender their autonomy, damage their own health, and participate in the infliction of mental illness, suicide, and the most massive transfer of wealth in human history - simply by being told, "It is absolutely essential that you (wear a mask, stay at home, social distance, etc.)."

The Aquarian Wild Card

But there's a catch. First, the Covid psyop kicked off with an unprecedented global media blitzkrieg. A true "terror campaign" featuring staged images of body bags stacked up on urban streets, EMTs in full hazmat suits and an around-the-clock diet of stories from every major news outlet repeating the same terrifying message that we're all gonna die if we don't obey.

In the first month of the plandemic, global media mentions of Covid-19 had already exponentially surpassed mentions of all other pandemics.

This appeal to the primal fear of death was followed up by a sneakier message - an appeal to virtue. We're all potentially "spreaders" who are going to kill our neighbors if we don't obey.

We didn't see it coming and most of us were caught off guard. The whole thing was so unprecedented and enormous it took many people months to fully return to their senses.

That being said, many of us sensed that something was off from the get-go. We starting asking questions.

We acted on the Aquarian/Uranian impulse to reject false authority and disobey orders that don't make sense. We turned away from what YouTube (headed by Sergey Brin's ex-wife Susan Wojcicki) calls "authoritative sources" of information. We became investigative journalists, collaborating with our peers. We judged the truth of information not by how far up the social hierarchy it originated but by whether it stood up to real scientific inquiry and common sense.

People refused to comply, despite being bullied, ostracized, gaslighted, and even deplatformed for their refusal to go along. Masses of concerned citizens banned by Facebook and Twitter or censored on Instagram and YouTube turned to new social media platforms or withdrew their energy (and their data) from Big Tech social media altogether.

The shadow of Aquarius looks like Communism or techno-fascism: a heartless, soulless society where everyone (but the ruling class) is free to exist at an equal level of slavery.

The creative, evolutionary spirit of Aquarius looks like real freedom. Not "equity" but equal opportunity for all based in a society that recognizes we are all unique and yet we all want the same things out of life. We seem to be a long way from that society right now, but hundreds of millions of people around the world are using the global catastrophe of the Covid/Great Reset event as a catalyst. We are choosing to reclaiming our inner authority and individual autonomy (Saturn). Rather than remain in the comfort zone of social conformity, we are seeking the truth (Uranus) - despite the risk of ostracism, loss of livelihood, and social exile.

And the global Orwellian dystopia planned for us by the Parasite and its human minions can only be enacted when enough of the people consent to it with their passivity and compliance.

We've got a long way to go until the final Saturn-Uranus square of the current series arrives on December 24, and we've still got a lot of work to do after that. But if the forces of control won Saturn-Uranus I back in February, Round 2 looks to be a decisive victory for the forces of freedom.

Here's a small list of some of the Saturn-Uranus themed news that has been gaining traction in the two weeks since the Gemini Solar Eclipse:

  • I specifically mentioned the "January 6 insurrection" in my Gemini New Moon report but I have to admit I'm shocked at the amount of coverage that has come out in the last fortnight about the FBI's role in creating a false flag event at the U.S. Capitol designed to scapegoat Trump supporters as "domestic terrorists" on January 6, 2021.

  • China's chief of counterintelligence defected to the U.S. in February, bringing "terabytes" of data on China's preparations for using the SARS-CoV-2 virus against the U.S., names of 11,000 Chinese spies legally in the country as students, names of U.S. intelligence agency employees, politicians, and business leaders employed as agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and more. Dong Jingwei is the highest-ranking CCP official to ever defect to the U.S.

  • The news of Dong's defection was only confirmed in mid-June, partly because Dong went directly to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a military intelligence branch that is not connected with the Department of Justice, CIA, or FBI, all of which are under some degree of Deep State control. ("Think about it logically. The only way is the military.") When China demanded Dong's return during the mid-March Alaska summit, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken apparently had no idea what they were talking about. See Duane Cates' thread on Quod Verum. (1)

  • Google has been funding Peter Daszak's research for 10 years. (Daszak is the British researcher who has been paid by Anthony Fauci's NAIAD to do gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab.) (2)

  • Documents appear to show NIAID and Moderna sent "potential mRNA vaccine candidates" to Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina for study on Dec. 19, 2019. (3) The Covid scamdemic wasn't officially launched until Dec.31, 2019. Dr. Baric is another major player in Fauci's coronavirus gain-of-function research. (4)

  • We know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg invested millions of dollars in manipulating the 2020 elections. We know Facebook has been a huge social force in censoring users who challenged the official Covid narrative as well as those who posted personal stories about vaccine-related injuries. Turns out Zuck also gave a $433,000 grant to Dr. Baric last year.

  • (I wasn't going to even mention this, but I just saw that the preliminary report on the results of the forensic audit of the 2020 election in Arizona may be released as early as Monday, June 27.) Minds will be blown.

An interesting fact about the Milgrim experiments: Test subjects were allowed to walk away rather than administer electric shocks to a stranger. Thirty-five percent of the participants did so, despite the orders that it was necessary to continue.

I believe the intended outcome of the 2021 Saturn-Uranus squares is to wake the world up from our media-induced slumber and remind us that we are all unique expressions of the cosmic creative Intelligence. We are not powerless, we are not helpless, and when we choose to reclaim our authority and autonomy and work together with our fellow humans there is no force that can stop us from re-creating our world as a beautiful garden of freedom and abundance for all.

In that spirit, I'd like to end with these short videos of Saturday's massive London protest demanding an end to government lockdowns:



Wix stopped letting me add hyperlinks, so here are links to sources for the info in the bulleted list:

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