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Short Revocation of Contracts and Withdrawal of Consent

by DK Brainard

A hot topic - pun intended - over the past few years is the climate change narrative permeating the media. The story is that we are killing the Earth by driving cars and eating meat and that if don't eat ze bugs, stop farting, and turn off our air conditioners right now, then very soon, any day now, in a very short amount of time, will be TOO LATE.

Even Greta How-Dare-You Thunberg won't be able to save us.

Phoenix and I talk about the divide-and-conquer tactics being used in the climate change narrative in episode 61 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, so please give it a listen if you're interested in knowing more.

We also talked about, as we have for years, the importance of withdrawing our consent from toxic narratives, black magic spell-casting, and basically anything else we don't want to create for the parasitic system, and how we can reclaim that energy and invest into what we would like to see happen in the world.

To help folks with that, we wrote and recorded a short revocation of contracts and agreements to have your energy harvested by the Parasite and its minions that is very powerful and that you can do in five minutes or less.

See, according to a quirk/loophole in Universal Law, the minions have to tell us what they intend to do to us before they do it. This includes manipulating the weather, destroying the Earth, and killing off most of the animals and a lot of the beneficial flora, but it also includes poisoning us with pesticides, EMF and RF pollution, biosecurity measures, spending your tax dollars to maim and kill people across the planet, and on and on.

If you're unfamiliar with the Law of Disclosure, I encourage you to read more about it here on my Substack, but the short version is this:

The Parasite and its minions have to tell you three times what they intend to do to you. If you do not withdraw your consent, you are presumed to have accepted their offer. And they get to harvest your energy and use it toward their destructive, parasitic ends. In this and in past lifetimes, we have all been enmeshed in thousands of contractual agreements, some of which we consented to knowingly but most of which are enforced upon us through trickery or deceit.

Consciously revoking these contracts is a powerful first step in moving beyond the dystopian, transhumanist, slave planet future they have been envisioning for us for thousands of years. It's a way of training yourself to stop feeding the beast and it works (with intention, will and perseverance) because the parasites can't make anything without our energy and complicity. We are the ones with the power.

Of course, you don't have to use our short revocation process. You can make up your own because we are all co-creators. But if you do want some help generating ideas of how to clear old agreements and contracts on the spiritual level, smash that revocation button below!

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