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Soul Songs

by Quynh P Nguyen

In the dark 

I grasp

to hear the soul song

That makes my heart yearn

For the love that 

For so long

Eluded me

As someone deserving

or capable of 


A tune of the Heart 

So I spiraled

Through the world

of sensations

and worshiped

ideas and forms 

of how-tos

and should haves 

While saddening 

as my songs grew quieter 

Although I searched 

For perfect pitch 

In Another

I only found 

Imperfect yet 

Compelling notes 

Of others like me

Crying to be met

To be heard

To know that 

Resonance of Deep Soul

That can hear

Songs of other souls 

So I sank to the Earth

And laid my body down 

And I could hear

Faint songs

Emanating from there 

Songs of other souls 

With their ears on the Earth

And through hearing their songs

I could suddenly hear my song

It came from my heart 


Quynh Nguyen is the author of Quynhtessence: An Anthology of Poetic Flows. She is inspired to write poetry and prose for healing herself and others, using her poems both in ritual and as spells to move energy. She is currently working on a new book with her soul love on sacred consorts, celestial beasts, and the awakening path. Check out more of her poetry HERE.

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Avalon Kalin
Avalon Kalin
Oct 11, 2020


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