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Sound, Will & Intention

An interview with DK Brainard

In Episode 30 of the Cosmic Fire podcast, Phoenix talks with DK about brainwaves, solfeggio tones, sound healing and his about-to-drop new album, Auric Fields. In this wide-ranging interview, we talk about sound as a creative act of Will that can be (and is) used to create beauty and radiant health or pollution and disease. DK talks about his love for brainwave entrainment and the Schumann resonance, how he overcame his resistance to the solfeggio tones, and the miraculous properties of the 528 Hz "miracle frequency."

DK plays a couple of clips from the new record and talks about how certain "found sounds" kept him in a vibration of devotion and wonder during the year he spent developing the three pieces on the album.

As usual, we also make some bad jokes, talk about conspiracy theories, and laugh a lot!


Show Notes, Ep. 30

The Integratron is a beautiful space for healing but no healing for you without proof of vaccination!

DK says, "John Anderson was one of my favorite country singers in the 1980s but he didn't sing that song. John Conlee was the singer who did "I’m Only In It For the Love."

5G stands for 5th Generation wireless technology. It is currently being rolled out primarily in the sub 6GHz frequency range. However the FCC has already auctioned off chunks of bandwidth for 5G including in the 24, 28, 37, 39 and 49 GHz bands. The agency is looking at how to regulate bands above 70 GHz. Anything above 6 GHz is considered millimeter wave territory. One of the problems with millimeter wave radiation is that it must be pulsed. This kind of on/off radiation has been shown to disrupt DNA in ways that constant RF emissions do not. Many scientists have condemned the use of this high-frequency millimeter wave technology because it seems to be highly toxic for animal, plant, and human life.

Miracle in the Gulf of Mexico: How John and Nancy Hutchison used 528 Hz to clean up a portion of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The solfeggio album DK likes a lot is Solfeggio Harmonics, Vol. 1 by Source Vibrations (Spotify link)

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