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The Aries Point + Pluto -> Aquarius

Cosmic Fire Podcast, Ep. 53

The Sun made his annual ingress into Aries today, marking the start of a new astrological year. Tuesday's Aries New Moon happens in the very first degree of the zodiac, conjunct the Aries Point - the degree that connects the personal with the collective. This is a powerful start to what is certain to be a revolutionary year, and the ingress of Pluto into universal air sign Aquarius on Thursday, March 23 adds to the sense of augury we're already feeling.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1777 - 1798, the period of the American and French revolutions. These epochal collective uprisings were largely motivated by ideas about freedom from old structures of tyranny and the creation of a more equal and just society. These radical ideas spread rapidly among the common people through alternative media (some of it paid propaganda, no doubt) such as underground newspapers and pamphlets. In France, more than 1,300 new newspapers appeared between 1789-1794, helping to form collective opinion into a force capable of overthrowing the monarchy.

Will this next Pluto in Aquarius period actually enable us to come together as real Living Beings and overthrow the planetary slave system once and for all? Will we be helped by the rapidly evolving "AI" technology, or is that just another energy harvesting system? Here's what we think:


Episode Notes

Bob Dylan's iconic performance of "We Are The World" -

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