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The Earth Is Pregnant with YOU

Welcome to mid-winter, or Imbolc time!

Some cultures celebrate this time as the first beginnings of Spring. It's apparent now - the light is returning. We are fueled by more solar energy, and because of this, a feeling of quickening emerges. Yet we are still here, in this cave of the Earth, warming ourselves up for emergence.

Imbolc, which astronomically occurs on Feb. 3rd (generally celebrated Feb. 1-2nd), literally translates to "in the belly." And here we sit, in the nourishing containment of the Earth's womb, journeying and divining and reaffirming our commitments for the coming year.

The Earth is pregnant with you. And you get to decide how you get birthed this year, how you emerge from this winter's hibernation.

Will you emerge nourished, clear, and fueled?

I've made a video outlining the themes we can anchor into at this time of year, how to work with them, and 3 plant medicines to call upon as we warm ourselves up internally for our soon-to-be emergence.

One of my favorite aspects of the Winter-time Earth-Cave is the invitation to affirm our bodies.

Through winter, we are gifted a containment in darkness and stillness. And we are invited to nourish and tend deeply to our bodies and their needs. We are asked to get to know ourselves, develop a trusting relationship, and offer ourselves ample time for rest and healing.

2020 was a pressure cooker for our individual and collective soul's growth and awakening. And just because the calendar has shifted to 2021 does not mean the path of the fiery phoenix has ended.

We have a challenging road ahead of us. And we cannot leave our bodies behind.

Because I've heard from so many of you that you desire to be in better relationship with your body...

Because this is the "Earth" time of year ripe for body-honoring...

Because a new way of moving and being in our bodies is desperately needed in order to create a more sustainable, loving, and regenerative world...

I've created a mini-retreat for you to spend time cultivating relationship and learning ways to align with your body's wisdom. If this sounds exactly like what you need, you can sign up HERE.


Amy Terepka is passionate about helping people live a life that's meaningful and connected to their place on the Earth, and among the plants and Earth beings. She practices bodywork and energy work, plant spirit and herbal medicine, seasonal medicine, and Reconnection coaching sessions. 

Find more of Amy's work at:

Follow her on YouTube HERE.

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1 Comment

Avalon Kalin
Avalon Kalin
Jan 31, 2021

Thanks for this. These recommendations will be helpful right now.

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