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The Other Side of Rock Bottom

Creating Heaven on Earth

Has humanity hit its collective rock bottom yet? Sources say "no" but we certainly seem to be careening closer and closer.

In Episode 35 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, we look at what can help us root out the deep collective beliefs in the necessity of scarcity and the virtue of suffering that have been instilled in all of us to harvest our energy in the global slave society.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) in Aries (individual action) says, "Behold, I make all things new." Jupiter is joined this month by Mars the warrior, at home in his day sign for the first time in two years. This is a powerful, forward-moving energy signature that favors bold steps in the direction of our dreams, especially once Mercury has returned to direct motion on June 3.

When things look really dark -- skyrocketing prices at the grocery store and gas pump, war in Europe, talk of global famine, and brand new plandemic trial balloons (monkeypox, anyone?) -- the temptation to retreat into addictive distractions intensifies. But, as Phoenix points out on the podcast, you don't need to distract. You don't need to numb out on social media, government weed, or wine. The parasites pushing that narrative need you, not the other way around.

June's powerful and positive energy signature urges us to revoke our consent to all the horrific things being done to us, our brothers and sisters, the animals, and the natural world in our names. It's time to take back our power to live in beauty and in joy, as it was intended to be in this realm. It seems as a species we often need to reach a point of near total despair before we find the courage to change.

But on the other side of rock bottom, the outcome is heaven on earth. We're so close to that reality, and the more we embrace our divine mission to "make it so" the more graceful will be our transition to a life so beautiful we can hardly yet imagine it.

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