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The Script

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 59

In the hazy light of the Gemini New Moon square Neptune in Pisces, we look at "the script" - the automated defense of the parasitic illusory reality that arises in response to ideas or information that could set us free.

Kairos recalls how he automatically dismissed ideas such as the moon landing being fake or Mandela effect being real without even considering whether these ideas might be interesting or possibly even true. This is the script that Matt talks about in the video linked below: a programmed defense of the consensus reality that (we learn when we actually slow down enough to see it) isn't even ours.

Phoenix looks at the pandemic of unacknowledged and undealt-with trauma in our society. She sees many "spiritual folk" trapped in a vicious cycle of plant medicine journeys, unbalanced diets, lack of sleep, and extreme cleanses as they chase that one peak experience that will finally result in enlightenment and liberation. But this ungrounded approach is creating a pandemic of burnt-out seekers suffering from blown-out nervous systems, high anxiety, depression, marijuana addiction, and other chronic health effects.

And, we look at some infamous Mandela effects - C3PO, Darth Vader, King Tut's headgear, Anthony Kiedis singing about "the city of Angel" - and check in with the mid-month astrology, summer solstice, and some positive Saturn vibes.


Episode Notes

Matt at Quantum of Conscience reads the first chapter of his new book:

Brain Staveley's King Tut Mandela Effect video:

Cosmic Fire's youtube channel:

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