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Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox with Ritual and Plant Medicine

From this new moon, for the next 6 months on, we will be emerging out of the dark Winter to find the light half of the year, full of renewal, growth, sensuality, expansion, and fullness.

It is at this initiation of Spring when there is a metaphorical rebirth. When something within us awakens with the return of the sun.

A few years back I posted some contemplation questions as well as a ritual for this time of year and I wanted to share those again today, along with a new video I made on Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox.


Take some time to really tune in. What does this shift in season feel like inside of your own body? Sometimes it can feel amazing. Sometimes it can feel scary and resistant. However it feels to you is great. It's information to be consciously worked with. Remember that this is a transitional time. And transitions are not always easy.


What inspirations, motivations, or actions do I feel stirring that want to be acknowledged at this time? What does the energy of awakening feel like in my body? Close your eyes and consider the word AWAKENING. Where do you feel it? What shape, texture, color, and movement does it have? What does it have to say to you? What is one thing I can do this week that can support the awakening that may be happening on some level in my life?



The equinoxes are the two times a year when the day and night, the light and dark, sit in equal balance with one another. On March 20th, the Spring Equinox occurs here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a wonderful time to assess the theme of balance, polarity, and duality in your life. Below find a ritual for this purpose. EXPLORING BALANCE:

(Please read entire ritual before jumping in)

1. Create a container for doing this ritual by turning off your phone, burning some incense or other plant material, connecting with the earth and sky, calling in any guides/guardians/angels/spiritual allies that you wish to be present to help hold the space. This helps you enter into a more liminal and spiritual time and space. 2. Close your eyes and check in with yourself. Scan your body, noticing the state of each body part and where you’re holding tension or emotions. You don’t have to change anything, just notice. Take several moments to focus on deeply breathing. Allow yourself to connect with the Earth beneath you, feeling supported and grounded. 3. Stand on your feet, eyes soft or closed, noticing where the weight of your body falls (towards the front, the back, right or left). Start to rock forwards and backwards, to the right and the left several times, and then find the center point, where balance feels the easiest, where you are using the least amount of effort. 4. Imagine something in your life that feels off balance currently. Really sink into the feeling of all the ways it feels uneven or disproportionate in your life. As you imagine it, follow your body's intuitive lead, noticing areas that subtly contract, and allowing your body to move off of its center line - in any direction. Continue to exaggerate this contraction, letting your body move further into the imbalance. As you move off center, you may notice discomfort in certain areas of your body. Are these areas that feel frequently tight? Stay with these sensations and notice what's happening. 5. Now bring your attention to the areas of your body opposite from the one you’re leaning towards or contracting. As you pay attention to them, see what it takes for you to slowly shift back towards center. Be open to any images, words, or insights that arise through this process. They may be insights as to what you’re needing in order to bring more balance to the situation. Repeat as many times as you’d like for as many areas of your life that feel out of balance. 6. When you're finished, give thanks to your body for its wisdom. Place your hands over your body and offer it some deep, centering breaths. You may wish to journal about your experience. 7. When you're ready to close, give thanks to your guides/guardians/spirit allies/etc. for helping you with this process. Send them home. Drink some water and eat a healthy meal.


Join Amy's Spring Medicine "Weeds" Class this Saturday via Zoom:

Amy says, I'm teaming up with Inner Oasis Mind Body Spirit to bring you this Spring Medicine "Weeds" class on Spring Equinox, 3/20 from 10-11am (Pacific time) for $20 on Zoom. This class will focus on identifying, harvesting, and making medicine from common plants of the early spring. We will discuss ethical harvesting techniques, how to work with plants from a paradigm of reciprocity, and the medicinal properties of a handful of common spring "weeds."

To register, call Inner Oasis at 503-435-7335


Amy Terepka is passionate about helping people live a life that's meaningful and connected to their place on the Earth, and among the plants and Earth beings. She practices bodywork and energy work, plant spirit and herbal medicine, seasonal medicine, and Reconnection coaching sessions.

Find more of Amy's work at:

Follow her on YouTube HERE.

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Tatiana Sakurai
Tatiana Sakurai
Mar 16, 2021

Thank you for sharing this beautiful medicine, Amy!

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