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You Are A Really Good Sleeper

By DK Brainard

We are living through a uniquely stressful time.

The world seems to be changing more and more rapidly. Uncertainty about the future is off the charts. We are being bombarded by ever-increasing amounts of information, and by increasing amounts of high-frequency radiation from mobile devices, smart meters, and cell towers. As the 'Internet of Things' becomes more ubiquitous, our bodies are also trying to adjust to new sources of radiation, including from household appliances, smart devices, and whatever the neighbors are running.

In addition to these new physical stressors, we are still trying to assimilate the enormous waves of primal fear triggered by the Covid-19 operation. We are social animals by nature and the non-stop media barrage of rampant contagion, raging illness, and imminent death resulting from casual contact with other people have seriously eroded people's core sense of security.

Even those of us who trust our direction in life are being impacted by the emotional "off-gassing" of the people around us and in the collective consciousness.

Which brings us to the subject of sleep.

We all know that good, healthy sleep is important. Proper sleep allows the body to repair itself, balances our emotions, and keeps our immune system strong.

But those of us who are empaths or highly sensitive persons may find falling asleep or sleeping soundly for the right amount of time to be challenging, especially in times like these. If you're one of those people, I made You Are A Really Good Sleeper for you.

The audio quality on this short excerpt is not as high as the MP3 version in the shop, but it'll give you the flavor.

My Sleep Obsession

I've been kind of obsessed with sleep on and off throughout my life. I've read a lot about it, from very different points of view. I've experimented on myself a lot. I've tracked my BRAC cycle, I've tried biphasic sleep, I've used different brainwave entrainment frequencies, I've learned autogenic full-body relaxation.

USDA Food Pyramid, 1992

I've also been a life-long napper (despite spending about a decade in relationships with partners who hated naps and frowned on those who didn't). And I've done a lot of inner work to liberate myself from the 8 Hours A Night dogma that - for many of us - is the sleep equivalent of the now-debunked USDA food pyramid that was everywhere in the 1990s.

Anyway, I tend to sleep very well these days. But I know how hard it can be to feel like the clock is ticking and you're still awake and if you can't fall asleep right now you're going to feel so tired tomorrow and you want to be at your best because you have to...

So, I was moved to throw a little DK science your way. This program features brainwave entrainment that ramps gently down from the relaxed waking brainwave frequency of 10 Hz to the gateway to deep sleep frequency of 3.5 Hz.

While the brainwaves are enticing your physical brain and body into more and more relaxed states of consciousness, I use a series of Ericksonian "permissive hypnosis" techniques to help you remember - and internalize for future reference - that you are a mammal. And that mammals are naturally good sleepers. And that there is a part of you that remembers just how good a sleeper you are, and that when you remember that part that remembers, or even if you just allow my voice to become another background sound, blending with the gentle nature sounds of the babbling brook behind you......

In short, this hypnosis and brainwave entrainment program will get you back in touch with the part of yourself that knows how to go to sleep and stay asleep in the right rhythm and timing that is perfect for your own unique animal body.

You can enjoy the benefits of the program with or without headphones. Why not start tonight? You can download it here in the Cosmic Fire Shop.

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