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April Forecast: Fortune Favors the Bold

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 54

The first eclipse of 2023 arrives on Wednesday, April 19 (9:13 pm PDT). This is a solar eclipse in the last degree of Aries with the eclipse Sun and Moon squaring Pluto in Aquarius by less than half a degree.

Mercury stations retrograde two days after the eclipse (April 21) at 15 Taurus. Mercury's close proximity to the Moon and Uranus at the time of his station promises some intense emotional weather over the ensuing 24 days but also opens a window where radical, positive shifts in consciousness and quantum perceptual leaps are possible.

Phoenix discusses the causes and effects of people's auras being blown wide open in her April psychic weather report and talks about the mindset and techniques we can use to reconnect and reintegrate during this very dynamic period.


Episode Notes

DK's Chiron in Aries video:

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