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Be Your Own Astrologer Class

Live class starts Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Have fun learning more about astrology than you thought possible. In Be Your Own Astrologer, I'm going to focus on teaching you a practical, systematic method of chart interpretation you can use to deepen your understanding of your own natal horoscope. And then apply to any other birth chart.

This class is for “beginning intermediate” students of astrology who know some – or many – of the basic concepts of chart interpretation but want to develop confidence and mastery in putting it all together.

I’ve trained dozens of astrologers and healers who use astrology in their work with clients and in this 12-week course I’ll help you hone your astrology skills, deepen your understanding of how astrology works, and teach you to filter out the noise and tune in what’s essential.

U.S. Presidential Inauguration 2021 astrology chart
Mars conjunct Uranus and square Saturn and Jupiter in the chart for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration.

You do need to have some core astrology concepts under your belt, because we’re going to cover a lot of ground in this course. Ideally, you already have an idea of what the signs, the houses and the planets symbolize. You know that astrology uses aspects like conjunctions, squares, trines and oppositions to indicate how different planets in the chart relate to one another.

Class Details

  • Classes start on January 13, 2021 and continue for 12 weeks.

  • Classes will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 3 pm Eastern / noon Pacific on Zoom video.

  • Classes will be one hour in length and are divided into two segments: lesson and discussion.

  • Each lesson will be recorded; participants will have perpetual access to the video and audio-only lessons.

What YOu’ll Learn

This course is divided into three four-week sections, starting with the basic building blocks of astrology and building to a focus on synthesizing what you know and putting it all together to do actual chart interpretation.

In addition to the weekly lesson, you’ll have a weekly homework assignment designed to help you learn more about that week’s concepts and practice using the techniques.

Here’s the ground we’re going to cover:


Week 1: The Astrology Chart. The chart itself gives us multiple layers of information. In this class we’ll look at the chart as a whole and learn how to allow the chart to speak to us.

Week 2: The Signs. You’ll deepen your understanding of the signs and go beyond “cookbook” or memorized definitions when you learn to see each sign as as an archetypal container. We’ll look at the signs as combinations of an element, a mode, and an orientation to the world.

Week 3: The Houses. Areas of life experience. Just like with the signs, understanding the organization of the house system and their relationships to each other will enable you to make your own interpretations. Also, which houses are beneficial and which are considered malefic…and why.

Week 4: The Planets. The planets are the characters acting out the story in the chart. You’ll learn how to determine a planet’s strength relative to other planets in the chart. And learn to identify which planets can help you unlock your hidden potentials and which planets you always need to keep an eye on.


Week 5: Aspects, Part 1. The major aspects show the relationships between different planets and chart points. We’ll learn how to identify major aspects and determine how aspects influence a planet’s expression in the chart.

Week 6: Aspect Patterns. T-squares, yods, alien patterns, grand trines and grand crosses. What they symbolize in a chart and how to simply your focus to the planet in any aspect pattern that can help you the most with that pattern.

Week 7: Aspects, Part 2. In this class, we’ll learn some techniques for analyzing planetary aspects: Which aspects are the strongest in the chart? Are conjunctions always good and squares always bad? Understanding the difference between applying aspects, separating aspects, and orbs.

Week 8: Transiting Aspects. As the planets move in their orbits around the zodiac wheel, they make aspects to the natal planets in the chart. We’ll look at easy ways to identify aspects from transiting planets to natal planets. And learn how long a transit will be in effect and how to evaluate that aspect in your chart.


Week 9: Rulerships, Part 1. The system of sign and house rulerships is the secret decoder ring of chart interpretation. In this class, we’ll give you the basics of the rulership system and look at how having a planet in rulership, detriment, fall, and exaltation changes the expression of that planet.

Week 10: Rulerships, Part 2. In this class, you’ll learn how planets communicate through the system of rulerships. This is amazingly crucial for understanding which planets can help us unlock difficult aspect relationships! We’ll also look at how understanding the rulership system can help us understand the meaning of any house in the chart, including the empty houses.

Week 11: Soul Mission Points. In this class, we’ll look at how understanding Pluto and the North and South Nodes in the chart gives context to this lifetime. Even a basic understanding of these points helps us make sense of the story the chart is trying to tell.

Week 12: Practical Chart Interpretation. I’ll share my method for “working up” a natal horoscope and determining which planets, signs, and houses hold the most weight in the chart and where we can focus attention to help the client (or the Self) activate their personal evolution and live their soul mission.


The cost is $300 for the entire 12-week course. You can pay upfront or split the cost into three payments of $100 each.

Class size is limited to 15 participants. You can join late and watch Class #1 on video replay but entry to the class will be closed on Monday, Jan. 18.

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