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Brainwaves and Retrogrades

Episode 41 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast

What are Mercury Retrogrades really good for? Tune in to Episode 41 to find out how Phoenix and Kairos have been working with the current retrograde cycle to integrate flashes of insight. You'll also hear how brainwave entrainment may have saved Kairos' life in light of the release of his new sound healing album, Auric Fields, how finishing an album is like Everton winning a match, and how we're keeping momentum alive as we hack our way out of matrix programming. If it's on Kairos' list, we'll talk about it! Of course we'll supply plenty of the usual random tangents, musings, and pop culture references, such as the George Floyd crash test dummy hypothesis, Morris Day and the Time, the Fugees, and more.

Episode Notes:

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