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December 2022 Forecast: The Turning Point

Cosmic Fire Podcast: Episode 46

Kairos and Phoenix deliver a precognitive rundown (and inspiration for spiritual warriors) for the month of December as a circus production in three acts.

Act I: The Mars-fueled Gemini Full Moon. Act II: The Turning Point - Winter Solstice, Jupiter on the Aries Point. Act III: The Deadzone - Mercury Retrograde and Pluto.

All delivered with a healthy dose of irreverent humor and heart-felt shares, PLUS a special preview of the latest release from Souls Are Stars. Stay tuned.

Episode Notes:

New Souls Are Stars single - Everything Is Perfectly Fine In This Moment | The Cosmic Fire Shop -

DK’s censored video How to Opt out of the Tripledemic on Substack -

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town - Cory Doctorow -

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