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Gemini New Moon Madness

Here we are, at the height of eclipse season, with Mercury retrograde and all kinds of new (and a great deal of “same old same old”) craziness afoot in the world.

We hope you’re feeling like the sanest person you know right now. If you are, you might be feeling kinda solitary because eclipse season always brings out the crazy in those around us who are part of the walking dead.

Even if you’re rocking it in 2021, as empaths and sensitives it can be extra hard to stay grounded and centered in our own reality when everyone around you is spinning out, acting out, or going full energy vampire in a desperate bid to make themselves feel a little better.

We just posted our Gemini New Moon Report, which covers the period from Thursday’s “ring of fire” solar eclipse in Gemini up to the July 9 Cancer New Moon.

In this MP3 download, you’ll get the lowdown from me on the key astrology transits of the next four weeks, an in-depth psychic weather report from Tatiana, and some good laughs as we venture into “vaccine lottery and free beer on the 4th of July” territory!

We’re making these reports in the spirit of uplifting and inspiring our community to keep on standing for truth and beauty and embodying the courage and genuine care the world so dearly needs right now.

In each report, we focus on what we see as the key themes we’ll be dealing with in the month ahead and we share everything we can possibly cram into a 45-minute MP3 that will help you benefit from the opportunities of the coming lunar cycle and avoid the potential dangers.

We even included a PDF time-code list of the topics we discussed so you can refer back to a particular passage as you go through the month!

I hope you’ll hop over to the Cosmic Fire Shop and download the Gemini New Moon Report today. It will inspire you, educate you, and challenge you to live your best life – not “some day” but starting today.

It’s a challenging time to be alive on Planet Earth. And being here now is quite possibly the greatest opportunity of the last few thousand years.

We can be heroes,

Kairos and Phoenix

P.S. We’re so thankful for your support. Your $10 donation for these reports goes a long way towards keeping us nourished and enthused. Please keep giving us feedback and please share with your like-minded friends!

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