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How Many Dimes Are In A Dollar?

Cosmic Fire Podcast Episode 39

We look at the super-weird media coverage around actress Anne Heche's fiery car crash and apparent attempt to rise from her death-stretcher and free herself from the restraints of her rescuers.

Along with Generation Z's inability to answer even the most basic questions about history, geography, and arithmetic, are we witnessing a collective mind-erasure of unbelievable proportions?

Is the dumbing down of America complete? Has there ever been a better time to kill your television? And most importantly, should Phoenix start a new sexy lightworker hotline? Tune in to find out!


Show Notes:

Get Z Can’t Answer the Most Basic Questions | Flecca’s Talks on YouTube:

Daily Mail story on Heche supposedly being in a burning car for nearly an hour before being rescued by "59 firefighters" and trying to fight her way off of the stretcher.

And, in positive news, Phoenix's new Lightworker Training channel on YouTube.

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1 Comment

It is interesting that there is so much strangeness surrounding Ann's death because Ellen, her x girlfriend, was one of the celebs accused of pedophillia. I wonder if Ann knew too much...

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