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Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

Cultivating Beginner's Mind and Taking Action in 2022

As we looked at the state of the collective consciousness on the doorstep of 2022, we saw that so many people are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and - if we're totally honest - teetering on the verge of hopelessness. All of these are completely normal reactions to the shock and stress of the last two years.But it's also important to remember that "learned helplessness" is exactly where the Parasite/Matrix wants us to stay.

In Episode 27 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast we give props to the parasitic controllers' long-range vision and global ambition. We look at how most of the populace, including yours truly, has been brainwashed far beyond what we could have imagined just a short time ago. And we talk about how important it is to consciously acknowledge the places where we were duped.

Admitting we've made mistakes sounds simple - we all make mistakes, right? - but in a society that domesticates us through the implantation of toxic shame into the psyche, it's not always that easy to come out and say it.

We talk about simple practices we can use to disconnect from the parasitic shame hook-ins. And explore how doing this frees us from the cycles of shame, blame, and addictive consumption that society offers in exchange for our lives and our souls.

We also take a look at the USA's first-ever Pluto return and talk about how we can work with the astrology of Venus and Mercury retrograde in January. And we explore making art and becoming increasingly both self-reliant and invested in our local communities as joyful responses to an ongoing period of mass social unrest and artificial scarcity.


Show Notes

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