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Leo New Moon Report 2021

Sunday's New Moon in Leo makes a square aspect to Uranus the Revelator, suggesting the heightened potential for sudden, surprising or shocking events in the coming fortnight. This is a powerful aspect pattern (Mercury in Leo is in this picture, too), augmented by the New Moon's close proximity to astrological Lammas.

Lammas signifies the first fruits of the harvest, so there's a theme of being able to reap the rewards of our efforts over the past few months. All of the cross-quarter days happen in either semi- or sesqui-square aspects to the Aries Point ("the personal is political and the political is personal"), so this is a time when we are perhaps more affected by what is happening in the collective consciousness than usual. Whether we want to be or not.

It's also a time when our actions and choices can ripple out with more power than usual and affect the collective consciousness.

In our Leo New Moon Report for the period of Aug. 8 - Sept. 6, Tatiana and I talk about the opportunity this energy presents to let go of patterns of unworthiness that we all get programmed with in our society and thus step back into a clearer alignment with the Creator and with the world.

This month's New Moon Report is packed with tools and perspectives you can use to reclaim your inner divinity and you can download it now in the Cosmic Fire shop.

We've posted the opening section of the report on our Odysee channel for your free listening pleasure and instant enlightenment:


Tatiana's closing meditation from this month's New Moon Report is a beautiful, short journey to help you clear the energy of overwhelm. Of which there is plenty to go around these days. So we wanted to share that meditation with you as well:


We love you. We so appreciate your support. No matter how intense and scary and crazy things may seem in society on any given day right now, remember you are never alone. And every little choice you make to be kind, honor your unique and beautiful Self, exercise your courage, and stand for beauty and truth makes a difference.

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