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Mars-Jupiter and the World Powder Keg

by DK Brainard, July 27, 2021

Last Friday’s Aquarius Full Moon kicked off a two-week period which promises (threatens?) to bring a lot of heated action. As I write this, people around the world have been marching in the streets in massive numbers, protesting mandatory vaccine passport orders.

Thursday's epic Mars-Jupiter opposition (July 29) in the last degree of Leo-Aquarius, plus the Sun and Mercury opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus in the first week of August, is astrology conducive to shock, revolution, and - as Phoenix said in our most recent New Moon Report - "some weird shit going down."


Phoenix and I covered the July 29 Mars-Jupiter opposition and the Sun/Mercury alignments with Saturn and Uranus August 1-7 in the Cancer New Moon Report for the period of July 9 - August 8. You can download that report for the post-Full Moon price of $5 in the shop.


In her psychic weather forecast for the New Moon Report, Phoenix was picking up the potential for a major supply chain interruption. Both of us still see this as a strong potential for the first part of August. We've been given plenty of mainstream media warnings and other predictive programming about the imminent supply chain collapse. And, sudden shortages of food, power and other necessities are a great way to instill even more fear into the populace. It's a tried and true technique for softening up the people's will, sapping their energy, and rendering them more compliant.

Mars-Jupiter could blow things wide open

I wouldn't be surprised if we also see something more sudden going down. This astrology - Mars conjunct Regulus ("the star of kings") in the last degree of Leo, opposing Jupiter in the last degree of Aquarius could ignite a blaze of epic proportions. Jupiter retrogrades from gentle Pisces back into the fixed air sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, where he will be stirring up and expanding the people's desire for a free and just society until December 24. Mars in the last degree of fixed fire sign Leo can manifest as a sense of extreme entitlement backed by the will to get one's way by any means necessary.

I'm not predicting any of this, but the world is a powder keg right now and I wouldn't be surprised to see the assassination of a major head of state (Macron in France seems particularly vulnerable), a full-on revolutionary uprising in a European nation, or a government squashing protests and killing its own citizens with the kind of force we haven't seen since the Chinese government crushed the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

It's important to remember that the Covid/Great Reset agenda of 2020-2021 is a rush job. The Controllers saw their window of opportunity closing as more and more people around the world have been waking up and they are stretched thinner than perhaps ever before (at least in the last couple thousand years).

So they are throwing everything possible at us to try to convince people that our only salvation lies in accepting their generous offer of a "Great Reset" that births a brand new world society. Those who survive the reset will live gratefully in smart cities, safe from the ever-increasing cycle of deadly diseases ravaging the world. And, presumably, protected from the imminent collapse of the climate by the smart city AIs. Free of our labors and all watched over by machines of loving grace.

In order to make this happen, however, they need the people of the world to surrender and comply. Ultimately that means agreeing to give up all private ownership claims, surrendering the right to autonomy over your body, and giving up any last vestiges of privacy. Because the whole "digital new world order" thing only works when they have total information access and 360-degree surveillance of the population.

This is not a paranoid fantasy, by the way. Read the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 report featuring the Operation Lockstep scenario. Or spend some time browsing the World Economic Forum's website - they lay the whole thing out in pretty explicit terms.

Why? Maybe in part because the real "global elite" get a sadistic thrill from telling the "dead" (their name for unawakened, order-following humans) exactly how they are going to torment them next. But also because Earth is still governed under Universal Law.

Lock Step, Rockefeller Foundation 2010
From the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development"

In order to escape (postpone) the punishment for violating Universal Law and trick us into accepting their karma, they have to tell us what they're going to do beforehand; and we have to consent to their plan. That consent can be given explicitly (as in filing your taxes or signing a vaccine consent form). Or it can be given passively - we read about it and dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. Or because we are too tired from trying to make ends meet to deal with the information. Or because we tell ourselves, "There's no way they'll pull that off - that won't happen here!"

Personal freedom vs collective responsibility

Astrologer Eric Francis clued me in to understanding the Leo-Aquarius axis many years ago. Francis pointed out that the journey to encompassing both polarities has to begin with Leo. We must learn to embrace Leo's fiery energy of joying in our unique individuality and expressing our personal freedom before we can successfully handle Aquarius’ ability to tap into the Universal Mind and create an ideal society with abundance and equal opportunity for all.

In other words: You can’t give your self to the world, if you don’t have a self to give.

One manifestation of the shadow side of Aquarius is mob rule, a situation where the Leo virtues of personal sovereignty and freedom of expression are demonized as dangerous excesses and selfish behaviors that must be squashed or excised “for the good of society.”

We've had front row seats to watch this shadow energy play out since the start of the Covid psy-op. Those of us who refused to mask or social distance have been told over and over that we are selfish for maintaining our sovereignty and our right to body autonomy and personal freedom. Now we are seeing this play out with members of our community who are being shamed, bullied and pressured because they won't take the Covid vaccines.

This kind of abdication of personal responsibility (along with the ability to think rationally and make one's own decisions) is what Eric Francis was talking about with the Leo-Aquarius axis. Those joining the chorus of "a needle in every arm" and "vaccine passports to keep us all safe" are exhibiting the classic traits of traumatized cult members, such as learned helplessness, the compulsion to defend the cult leaders and their dogma regardless of how nonsensical and self-contradictory they may be, and the inability to think for oneself or make a decision without the cult's approval.

The positive manifestation of the astrology of the next two weeks - especially considering the Sun and Mercury's aspects to the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square - is that more people are shocked into the realization of what is happening in our world. And that more individuals choose to reclaim their personal sovereignty (given not by governments or courts but by our Creator) and find the courage to take action, to join in the fight for freedom for all.

It's heartening to see so many people in the streets in London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Greece and many other countries, demanding an end to lockdowns and mandatory vaccine passports. It does appear that people around the world are waking up and realizing that if we don't revolt against the globalist agenda now, it may soon be too late.


DK Brainard is a practicing astrologer, writer, musician, and creator of the Personal Mastery framework for healing trauma and living your best life. He is currently finishing up an album of healing music that incorporates semi-random sound generators, Solfeggio frequencies, and brainwave entrainment. DK (Kairos) is the cofounder, along with Tatiana Phoenix, of Cosmic Fire.

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