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Mars Retro 2020

Mars stations retrograde today square Saturn, Pluto and the USA's natal Pluto. The red planet will be retrograde from Sept. 9 - Nov. 13, 2020.

Because of the retrograde, Mars is spending the last six months of 2020 in his home sign of Aries. In this video, I look at the 'unholy trinity' of Mars, Saturn and Pluto as they activate the United States' first-ever Pluto return. Mars is the archetype of drive, anger, assertiveness and aggression. If we allow ourselves to be controlled by the parasitic strategy of divide and conquer, we could find ourselves inhabiting a very grim timeline in the decades to come.

But we always have choices. The USA's Pluto return is a pivotal moment where old systems of control and oppression must transform. If we are aware of the bigger picture, we can use Mars' retrograde period to recalibrate our values and refocus our energy and desire on being the positive change we want to see in society.

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