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Mercury RX in Scorpio

Mercury stations retrograde tonight (October 13, 2020) and stations direct on November 3, which happens to be Election Day in the USA.

The astrology of this Mercury Retro is eerily similar to the year 2000, when Mercury also went retrograde in Scorpio and stationed direct in Libra on the day of the election. You might recall 2000 as the contested U.S. Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, with accusations of voter fraud, broken balloting systems, and massive division among voters.

The rhetoric coming from politicians, party officials and the media indicates the 2020 election may put Bush-Gore to shame when it comes to intrigue, power plays and the willingness to use any means necessary to grasp the reins of power.

So, have we learned anything in the last 20 years? The three Mercury retrogrades built into the yearly calendar are designed to interrupt our habitual thinking patterns and enable us to change our minds through a process of self-reflection and introspection. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio accentuates the need to look fearlessly at our thoughts:

  • Where did our thoughts come from?

  • Are our thoughts helping us enjoy life more abundantly?

  • Are we simply repeating opinions we've picked up from friends, family, or the media?

  • Are we mentally directing our lives based on real facts and in healthy values or have we been manipulated into believing in lies?

  • Who benefits from thinking what we think and saying what we say?

Don't be a lying dogfaced pony soldier! Watch the video and let Mercury change your mind for the better this election season!

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