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Mini Lightwork Session: Here When You Need It

Is it just me or are we needing to be clearing energy, grounding, and shielding pretty much

non-stop lately? It's almost like we're in some kind of process to clear all the individual and collective baggage from the past in order to create a new path going forward and the parasites that maintain the status quo aren't happy about us taking their food away. It's almost as though all the terrible things happening in the world are lighting a sacred fire under our collective asses and forcing us to stop fucking around and deal with all our shadow work so that we can come out of hiding and step up in a major way to heal the collective and the earth.

If you're feeling simultaneously bombarded and inspired, exhausted yet motivated, then you might be one of the people for whom I made the Mini Lightwork Session, which is Cosmic Fire's download of the month for May.

In this session, I guide you through a process to sort through the energy in your psychic space so you can clear any intrusive external energies or entities that are causing confusion, and reclaim any of your power that you placed outside of yourself. I also help you to reconnect to Creator, the earth, and your own heart so you can regain your center, align with the truth of creation, and receive a down-pouring of light to transmute any energetic congestion in your field and replace it with fresh life-force energy. You'll be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the next phase of your big soul mission.

My intention in creating these audio meditations is to not only provide you with a healing in an accessible format, but to also show you how I work energy. Each lightwork meditation is a healing and a teaching. If you practice them with me enough times, sooner or later you'll be able to do it on your own on the fly without requiring the audio to guide you. This is what I practice in all of my session work as well. My intention is to help my clients be able to do the work themselves and integrate it into their daily lives, because we know it's those seemingly small daily choices that combine to form the aggregate of what we experience in our lives as a whole and in the world at large.

Did you ever think that you could be doing something so important by tuning in to a guided meditation?

Well, my job is to put it out there and it's up to you to do with it what you will. If it helps you gain some clarity and peace in the midst of the current chaos, I'll put that in the win column.

You can get Mini Lightwork Session audio now in the Cosmic Fire shop, where every donation helps!


Tatiana Sakurai is a lightworker, teacher, and author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. She facilitates sessions, classes, and circles for students, clients, and community members at Cosmic Fire, Lightworker Training, and her private practice at

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