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New Astrology Class Starts Sept. 7

A six-week experimental course in astrological storytelling with master astrologer DK Brainard

So much of what we experience in life is governed by stories. The stories we learn about the world as children. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are. The stories we follow when deciding if we should go for our dream or if we're just indulging in fantasies that can never really come true.

When you get an "astrology reading," what's happening? The astrologer is telling you a story about your life, based on the signs and houses the planets inhabit in your birth chart, the aspect relationships between the planets, and so on.

A good astrology reading should take into account both the challenges and opportunities written in your natal chart. It should also inspire you to reach for the best life possible, to become the best possible version of yourself. But even the most learned astrologer can't see all of the negative stories you've internalized from life in the Matrix, from your family of origin, and from the millions of media images imprinted on your subconscious.

My goal in teaching astrology has always been first and foremost to help students learn enough about the language of astrology to read their own charts. (The very first astrology class I taught in New Orleans in 2005 was called "Be Your Own Astrologer.")

I'm excited about this new degree symbols workshop because the various degree symbol systems (all of which give an image for each of the 360 zodiac degrees) add a layer of potential meaning and inspiration that is accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of astrology. You can work with these images to expand the story framework of your life's journey without having to master all of the advanced techniques used by professional astrologers.

If you've ever wondered if there's more to your natal Sun that simply "Scorpio, 9th House" or "square Saturn in the 4th House," this workshop is going to radically expand how you think about the planets in your chart. This class is going to be highly interactive. I'll help you identify the key planets and points in your chart - the ones driving the narrative in this lifetime - and map out the connections among them so you can experiment with telling some new stories about your life that are aligned with what is really possible for you.

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