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New Podcast: Power Up!

In Episode 20 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, we share some of what we've been doing this Spring. We've been spending as much time outdoors as we can, soaking up the vibrant energy of the Tennessee wild flowers and listening to the joyful songs of the blackbirds and mockingbirds.

Phoenix has been growing herbs and making kombucha and Kairos has been hard at work on a new album of generative music, Auric Fields, which is designed to help strengthen your aura using the 528 Hz "DNA repair" frequency.

We talk about why May feels like a crucial month for recharging our energy and refocusing our hearts and minds on the more beautiful world we want to live in. Kill your television! Stare at cows! Reclaim your mind! It's the Cosmic Fire Podcast....


Episode notes:

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg

May 2021 New Moon Report

Power Up: Solar Plexus Healing

DK's Personalized Astrology Report

528 Hz and DNA Repair

The Schumann Resonance

Kairos adds: “My statement on the pod about the Israeli military developing 5G technology and using it as a crowd control weapon was imprecise. The incident I was referring to with the Israeli military involved the use of psychotronic weapons transmitted via mobile phone towers. Since the U.S., Chinese, and Russian militaries have all used 5G millimeter-wave technologies as crowd control weapons, I am assuming that a similar tech was used in Barcelona at the event recounted on Irene Cesar’s blog.“ (1)

“If you’re interested in learning about some of the recognized health dangers posed by 5G, check out 5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons to Be Concerned on Lloyd Burrell’s ElectricSense website.”

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