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Pisces New Moon + March Forecast

by DK Brainard

March seems bent on coming in like a lion this year. In the first five days of the month, we have a Pisces New Moon, a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, and Mars and Venus activating the USA's Pluto return.

Mars-Pluto hard aspects like the one on March 3 tend to bring strong military action. Which, of course, we are already seeing in Ukraine. Or seem to be seeing: for at least the last several decades here in the U.S., war has been the trusty go-to formula to distract and divide the populace when the machinations of the ruling class become too obvious.

Pisces is the sign of the collective emotional body, and also of the dreamtime. Pisces' traditional ruler, Jupiter, can expand our empathy and compassion for our fellow man. Pisces' modern ruler, Neptune, can inspire us to dissolve out of egocentric consciousness but he can also sweep us into grandiose fantasies and wrap us in a fog of delusion.

In the last two years, we've seen how good the military-entertainment media machine has gotten at manipulating reality for a great number of people. Interesting that both of Pisces' ruling planets tie in to the mechanics of mass media: Jupiter is associated with theater and storytelling and Neptune with imagery and film.

In Episode 31 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, I break down the key astrology aspects and transits in March and explain why it's important to see through the manufactured consensus narratives being served up for your consumption. And tell you why I think the energy shift pretty radically at the start of the astrological year on March 20, when the Sun enters Aries.

Tatiana delivers a great psychic weather report, reminding us that much of what we may think is "our stuff" is actually being picked up from the collective unconscious and/or emanating from the past - including past lives and ancestral lineages. We have to clear it when it's in our space, but that process gets a lot easier the moment we realize an oppressive mood or negative mind loop doesn't belong to the me of now.

And she ends the pod with a gorgeous Fire Sermon on why we'd better remember what our true currency is and pay attention to where we're spending that currency.

We also talk about FEMA's helpful tips on surviving a nuclear explosion, hail Klaus Schwab's emergence from his cryogenic chamber to rally the people of the world around his ailing New World Order, and make a lot of lovingly irreverent observations on the current state of affairs.


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