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Psychic Weather Report: A Balanced Expression of Anger

In this edition of the Psychic Weather Report, join me for a break down of the energy wave of repressed anger that resurfaced with the last eclipse activation.

What awareness could we receive to help process these feelings, learn from them, and act powerfully in alignment with the forces of Nature?

Side note: if you are feeling intense emotional body detox, it is most likely effecting the physical body as well, as much of this repressed energy gets trapped in the physical body. Here are some tips for helping your many bodies clear in the most graceful way possible:

- Water is your friend: drink plenty of water (with electrolytes for bonus hydration) and take plenty of salt baths or salt scrubs in the shower, go be in or near wild water, or imagine yourself in a creek, lake, ocean, or waterfall.

- Get pissed: pace around and growl, yell at the top of your lungs, hit a punching bag (watch you don't injure your wrists!), work it out with some cardio/dance/walking/running, imagine you're channeling that anger energy toward the perpetrators of the past who you didn't get a chance to stand up to.

- Get plenty of rest: if your body feels like it's running on fumes, give it extra rest, unplug from your devices and relax, take a nap.

- Ask your body what it needs: sometimes the medicine is to be more physical active, sometimes it is more rest, sometimes it's both. Your body knows, so ask it.

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