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Wassup Bay-bee?! The 420 Eclipse Special Report

Cosmic Fire Podcast, Episode 55

Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde happening at the same time? Again? Wassup, baby?!

We explore the ramifications (and promise) of the April 20 solar eclipse. Happening at 29 Aquarius 50, this eclipse makes an extraordinarily tight square (less than a half-degree) to Pluto in Aquarius. We talk about the Saros signature for the spring eclipse season and how you can work with this energy to break away from groupthink and live from your Authentic Self.

We also dig into the Taurus Mercury Retrograde that begins on April 21. This Mercury retro is likely to be a doozy, starting with Mercury conjunct both the Moon and Uranus. But it can be a powerful catalyst for freeing our minds and springing us into more joy and healthy pleasure.

There's a lot of helpful information in this pod, but we still be ridin' high on our favorite hobby horses, taking in notable destinations including Texas Roadhouse on a Friday night, Scentsy, fake lips, the Dalai Lama, gardening in the South, and a whole lot more.


Episode Notes

Patrick Teahan's 11 Oddly Specific Childhood Trauma Issues:

Declaration of Sovereignty and Revocation of Contracts:

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