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Scorpio New Moon - Nov. 4, 2021

This could be the month the world changes

by DK Brainard

The new moon in Scorpio on Thursday makes an uncommonly close opposition to Uranus. Here, we have a showdown. Or is it a negotiation?

As you can see in the chart, the Sun and Moon at 12 Scorpio 40 are applying to the opposition aspect with Uranus at 12 Taurus 47 - a difference of seven arc minutes or about one-eighth of a degree at the moment of the exact New Moon.

On the Scorpio side, this is deep, intense astrology with a very internal flavor. First, it's a New Moon - the low point in the lunar energy/emotional cycle. And it's in Scorpio, the sign that specializes in going deep within and brooding, ruminating, or meditating on its outer experiences before responding to them.

Scorpio New Moon opposition to Uranus in Taurus.
The Scorpio New Moon in nearly exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

Scorpio is the psychological investigator - the methodical detective - of the zodiac. Scorpio solves the cases that have baffled Scotland Yard and Interpol, but it does so on its own timeline and using its own mysterious methods.

And...over on the Taurus side of the circle we we have Uranus - the alien intelligence that works so fast it's literally from the future. Uranus strikes like lightning and, like lightning, Uranus' effects are often simultaneously illuminating and destructive. Uranus lights up the landscape, delivering huge downloads of information in a split second, while blowing up whatever is old and in the way.

Oppositions in astrology show face-to-face (or head-on) encounters. An opposition aspect could symbolize a couple standing at the altar, pledging their love until death do them part.

It could show two boxers tapping gloves in the ring a moment before they spend the next hour trying to knock one another unconscious.

Ultimately, as Tatiana and I explore in this month's New Moon Report, we are the ones who will decide whether this polarized encounter of archetypes is labeled as a productive meeting or a destructive showdown.

Either way - especially with the New Moon degree triggered later in November by oppositions of Mercury and Mars to Uranus - this New Moon sets the tone for a month to remember. Uranus promises there will be shocks, upheavals, and surprising bursts of information. Some will be innovative, revolutionary and progressive. Some will be harsh and draconian. And some will be shocking by what they reveal - the machinations of the powerful suddenly laid out in public like the detective's exhibit of the clues that close the case.

I feel this month could go down as one of the most radical periods we've seen since the start of the COVID-19 era. One of the things we kept coming back to while recording the New Moon Report is that we the people have the power to alter the course of civilization right now. But we have to stop lying to ourselves and stop making excuses for our abusers. Will we rise up and reclaim the world, beginning this month? Or will the chaos sorcerers frighten us back into the collective sleep that we've been threatening to awaken from?

November's astrology is deep, introspective, and transformational. It also presents plenty of crisis opportunities and legitimate springboards to reaching new levels of enlightenment and inner freedom.

The Scorpio New Moon Report

We put a lot of heart, energy, and intention into these reports - both because it's what we love to do and because we want you to live your best life and to join us in taking back our power and reclaiming a world of beauty, truth and plenty for all good people.

In this four-minute excerpt, we talk about doing martial arts in the bathtub, the Scorpio key to manifestation, and why we need stop lying to ourselves:

You can get the full report (62 minutes, high-res MP3 download) here in the Cosmic Fire Shop. The Scorpio New Moon Report features a 20-minute psychic weather report from Tatiana and an exploration of the key astrology events from DK.

Topics we cover include:

  • The secret Scorpio formula for clearing toxic shame and healing trauma

  • The Nov. 19 Taurus Lunar Eclipse

  • Degree symbols for the New Moon and Lunar Eclipse

  • The alchemical cauldron happening Nov. 10-17 and how to work with planetary squares involving Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter

  • Spiritual and practical tools to stay grounded and sane in November

  • The end of two years of harsh eclipse signatures and reasons for optimism about the future showing up after Thanksgiving

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