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Lightworker Tools: The Magic of Salt

Whys and Hows of Using Salt as a Magical Tool

Salt has been used throughout the ages as an essential nutrient, a means of preserving food, and an agent of ritual purification. Let's look at some of the ways modern lightworkers employ salt as mineral ally and why it works the way it does.

Properties of Salt

The first thing you need to understand if you're working with salt is that salt is a crystal. Therefore, salt inherently has the properties of a crystal, which means it is an energy condenser/amplifier and it is programmable. If you know that, you can see why salt can add energy and intention to any process or recipe it is added to.

When working with crystals, it is essential to start by clearing the crystals of any previous imprints, energies, attachments, or programs. Unlike most crystals, salt doesn't tend to accumulate the energy it collects, condenses, and amplifies. Like selenite, only more so, it is self-cleaning. That is why salt can be used to clear other crystals. Salt is unparalleled as a support for proper energetic hygiene.

The cleansing properties of salt come from the vibrational frequencies of the color rays it holds. Describing how the rays work is beyond the scope of this article, but suffice it to say, different kinds of salt crystals work different ray frequencies and all of them are cleansing. The cleansing qualities of salt tend to keep it clear of most imprints and programs as well as energies, but it's important to check to make sure the crystals are clear before using for magical work.

Because, like all crystals, salt can run a simple program or imprint, you can pray over it to imprint it with an intention or instruct it to run energy a specific way or do a specific job. We'll get into that with some of the techniques below.

Please note, to get the qualities we are talking about in this article, you must use sodium chloride salt crystals. That is also known as regular table salt, whether it be land salt or sea salt. Other kinds of salt crystals, such as magnesium sulfate, or epsom salts, have different essential energetic properties, which although wonderful, will not be effective for the purposes and recipes given here.

Straight up Salt

Just a bowl or a chunk of salt can be a powerful ally in keeping your space and your body clear of negative energy. Try putting a bowl of salt on each side of your bed and notice if you don't sleep better at night. I like to keep a bowl of salt on the healing altar in my office to keep the energy clear. You can also use a bowl of salt to clear crystals that would dissolve or be adversely affected if placed in water or salt water. Any of these simple techniques can be amplified by adding intentional energy of prayer or blessings.

It depends on the energy of the space, but I recommend changing out the salt and cleansing and resetting the bowls about once every couple weeks.

Salt Water Baths

Did you know that holy water is simply water with salt and blessings added to it? Salt water that has been prayed over is one of the most accessible healing tools we have available to us. It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on fancy salt, either, although you certainly can experiment with different kinds to see what you like best.

A powerful healing tool that can be employed in numerous ways is a salt water bath. Water has energetic properties of being absorbing and cleansing. Salt has properties of being cleansing and amplifying. So, when we put them together, we have a magical tool that can effectively absorb and cleanse negative energies. And because both salt crystals and water are programmable, when we pray over our salt water and bless it for the cleansing and healing of energetic and physical bodies, we increase the qualities of cleansing even more. Are you seeing how powerful this can be?

A simple energy clearing salt water bath recipe can be as easy as dumping a cup or two of regular table salt into a bath tub, praying over it/charging it with reiki/etc, hopping in for about twenty minutes, and rinsing off. You can tune into the timing of how long it takes for the water to pull out the energetic crud from your field and for the salt to dissolve it, but 20 minutes is usually sufficient. You can sometimes even see a subtle shift in the water from a slightly greenish tint to a slightly brownish tint.

Now, as mentioned before, sodium chloride salt is the crystal that supplies the cleansing qualities we're talking about here, however, if you would like to add a different - calming and relaxing - benefit, you can add magnesium sulfate, or epsom salt, crystals to your bath as well.

There are plenty of other additions you can make to boost whatever healing quality you would like to emphasize, such as adding a couple drops of lavender essential oil to increase the higher vibrational transmutative cleansing energies, but that being said, I would caution against the kitchen-sink-method of throwing in a hodgepodge of ingredients that all seem good on their own. Two or three well-considered ingredients are far preferable to a shotgun approach. That is because when ingredients are combined together there is a synergy that occurs between them in which the combination has qualities beyond the sum of the parts. Also, because each ingredient is a complex being with a multitude of qualities, it takes quite a bit of skill and practice to learn them all and blend them in a way that helps them to compliment, rather than fight against, each other.

Wait, what's that you say? You don't have a bathtub? No problem! You can use salt in the shower. For this, you should use a very fine grind of salt, sprinkle some in your hands, and lightly run your hands over your body, avoiding your face and giving extra scrubs to the soles of your feet and solar plexus. You can also make a simple energy clearing scrub with salt and a few drops of essential oils.

Salt Water Bowls and Sprays

A smaller version of a salt bath, a salt water bowl, can be used for the cleansing of crystals or other magical tools, provided they can tolerate exposure to salt water. You can use a salt water bowl as a psychic trash can when you're doing energy work, by flicking the energy you're clearing into the salt water bowl. If you use a table for body work, you can put a salt water bowl under the table to collect the energy your clients are releasing in session, or you could put it under an altar to collect energy clearing off a crystal lay-out. Sometimes I have used a salt water bowl with a smoky or clear quartz crystal in it as a psychic vacuum cleaner to clear the energy of a room. In all the cases listed above, you can instruct the salt water bowl to absorb and dissolve all negative energies (from your clients, the room, the lay-out, etc).

An even smaller version of the salt water bath or bowl is the salt water spray. You can add a pinch or two of salt to a spray bottle of water and use it to clear the energy of your biofield, a room, or an object. You can increase the efficacy by praying over/blessing the salt water for healing and purification. If you like, you can add a few drops of frankincense or lavender essential oil to boost the clearing properties.

Simply Magical

In a time when many old-fashioned remedies and practices have become big business for companies wanting to cash in on the trends of natural healing and new age spirituality, and when there seems to be no limit to how much you can spend acquiring various tools for wellness and self care, the simplicity of turning to a mineral ally readily available in your own kitchen can feel liberating and empowering.

Salt is about as down to earth as you can get, and it's an incredibly powerful energy healing medicine. I invite you to keep it simple and start with what you have on hand. Allow yourself to open to the messages that salt has for you as you work with it. Notice the pictures, colors, or words that come to mind. Notice what you feel in your body. And don't forget to give thanks to the Earth, the nature spirits, and the beautiful salt crystals that so generously support you in keeping your aura sparkling.


Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai is a lightworker, teacher, and author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. She facilitates sessions, classes, and circles for students, clients, and community members through the projects of Phoenix Lightwork, Lightworker Training, and Cosmic Fire.

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Feb 09, 2021

Thank you for this great article T. Good reminders about salt bowls. Got mine set by my bed again💞💞


quynh nguyen
quynh nguyen
Feb 09, 2021

Thank you, just in time as we are in waning moon

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