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Visions of the Future

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 25

Jupiter stationed direct on Monday in Aquarius, the sign of the collective mind. Aquarius seeks to create a society expressed in the ideals of the French Revolution (which happened the last time Pluto was in Aquarius): Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

Jupiter is going to expand the story of our shared future over the next two months. Will we choose to invest our faith in a vision of the world where liberty, equality and community under natural law will finally guarantee us the right to live in freedom and to enjoy the great abundance of our realm? Or will we choose the dystopian fantasies of a handful of sociopaths who see humanity as the real virus threatening the world?

Kairos and Phoenix explore how parallel economies, intentional communities, alignment with the Creator, and love for ourselves and our fellow beings can help us harness our potential and create more beautiful outcomes than the Dark Winter dystopia currently on offer from global governments, media and corporations.

We also discuss the positive potentials of an exact Mars-Jupiter trine on the same day as the Mercury and Jupiter direct stations.


Episode Notes:

These are the banks and credit unions collecting our data using Veryfi/Yodlee that will implement the social credit score:

To find a local bank near you not on the list:

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1 Comment

Why do you think we are headed toward a marxist state? I also was in East Berlin and in the Czech Republic shortly after the wall came down and i saw the grey, It was real! But i am not convinced this is where the US and or the West is headed. I DO see a threat of a non-democratic possibly totalitarian state perpetrated by the right. We all saw it in January, But they are saying they are NOT Marxist. Please convince me.

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