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What is the antidote for existential despair?

Some say Scorpio...

by DK Brainard

Hiya friends, this is reposted from my Substack - thought you might find it helpful in describing what many seem to be feeling lately.

The emotional intensity meter is redlining already and we haven’t even hit the beginning of eclipse season.

Beginning today, we are navigating a power tunnel of hard aspects involving the Sun, Moon, Mercury (mind), Mars (energy), Saturn (restriction/authority), and Uranus (shock/innovation) leading up to the Nov. 19 lunar eclipse.

As I discussed with Tatiana in the Scorpio New Moon Report, we can use this energy to transform our lives, both as individuals and as a collective. And — it can also feel very, very heavy.

This morning’s chart is a good example. (You may have been feeling this more Monday and Tuesday, since the energy of aspect patterns tends to build until the moment the aspect is exact and then cycle down rapidly afterwards.)

We have Mercury and Mars conjunct in Scorpio, squaring the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius. Some of the probable manifestations for this pattern given by Reinhold Ebertin include: (1)

  • Moon/Saturn = Mars: Inhibitions or feelings of inferiority, desire to overcome difficulties, lack of determination, self-control to the point of torment, soul conflicts.

  • Moon/Saturn = Mercury: The inclination to ponder or reflect, thinking of separation, the state of feeling sad.

  • Mercury/Mars = Moon: Thinking and acting strongly influenced by feeling.

  • Mercury/Mars = Saturn: Inhibited powers of decision, slow or sluggish thinking, the desire to harm others, tendency to say bad things, inclination to bring harm to oneself by exaggerating, separation caused through quarreling.

Knowing this is the quality of the energy for today, we could exercise a bit of awareness before getting pulled into a fruitless argument. We could also take a time-out and ponder or reflect on the root energy (Scorpio) that is causing us to feel overwhelmed by sadness, separated from love, or wanting to lash out at self or others.

One of the positive potentials of this pattern is the ability to dive deep into the mind and understand what’s really happening. Which can lead to the clarity required to invest our energy wisely in those activities that will lead us to where we really want to go.

Brooding in their minds terrible things

I pulled some cards from the William Blake Tarot before sitting down to write this. The first three cards present a pretty graphic picture of where we are as a society.

Mystery, the Blake analog for the High Priestess in the Rider-Waite deck, tells us the answers will only be found by going within. Any time a reading starts with one of the major arcana cards, it’s telling you, “Pay attention. This is not a trivial matter.”

8 of Music - Discontent shows phantasmic beings oppressing the people but Blake’s window quotation makes it clear that these monsters are being generated by the people’s untamed minds — “Clouded with discontent & brooding in their minds terrible things.”

So much energy has been weaponized against the people of the world to push us into a state of despair since the beginning of the COVID/GREAT RESET operation. The demonization of spirituality and the exaltation of materialism (Trust the Science TM) has been one of the more disheartening aspects of this psychological operation. Not only because it sucks to be attacked by people you thought were fellow travelers on the road to enlightenment, but because you hate to see people you truly care about fall into the clutches of the global death cult and turn on their former friends.

The immense amount of energy and manpower (and/or AI power?) invested in separating people into social media echo chambers over the past few years plus the relentless barrage of fear-based media messages designed to convince us that we and everyone else are dangerous disease-spreaders who must be kept at a six-foot remove has resulted in a dizzyingly rapid splitting apart of communities, families, and friendships.

The 7 of Science - Lamentation card shows the demiurge Urizen (“you reason”) experiencing a dark night of the soul. Blake Tarot creator Ed Buryn says, “The 7 cards are tests, and this is a test of the mind.” (Science in the Blake tarot is analogous to the suit of Swords — the realm of the mind — in the Rider-Waite.)

One phrase that has always stuck out to me in Buryn’s interpretation of this card is that Urizen — whom Blake describes as “sickend to see...that no flesh or spirit could keep his iron laws” — is fleeing in self-protective sorrow. This is the mind bereft of imagination, faced with adversity that seems impossible to overcome.

My sense is that many people are feeling this way at the moment. If you are one of those people, it’s important to honor the feelings. What may be required this month is taking time to slow down and withdraw into solitude (which is not the same as isolation) so you can process the sadness or hurt or sit with your grief over what has been lost.

And — it’s equally important to remember that our feelings are integral to living well. Our feelings exist to help us navigate correctly through life. “This card is about the pain of not trusting the imagination,” Buryn says. When we allow ourselves to think deeply and reflect on what we are feeling — as opposed to the thoughts in the mind commenting, analyzing or judging what we are feeling — we often realize that these thoughts are not even ours!

So many of the thoughts associated with our negative emotions are lies that we have picked up from a lifetime of traumatic existence within the world slavery system.

This is the high side of Mercury and Mars in Scorpio this month, the opportunity to root out the lies we’ve invested our faith and energy into maintaining because we thought going along with them would get us the love, or get us the money, or allow us to finally feel safe and taken care of.

This inner work of coming to know ourselves and to own and integrate our shadows is hard and scary. Sometimes it feels as if we’ll never clear enough of the old trauma to feel good again. But it is tremendously rewarding for those who persevere, for it brings us inner freedom. It enables us to experience real love and true joy and to know peace in the face of intense adversity.

The 7 of Poetry - Boldness card shows the figure of Joy standing up to Death and refusing to bow down. This is the outcome, when we have stopped lying to ourselves and have aligned with the inner truth of who we are. Though we are threatened with destruction, we know that spirit is something that cannot be destroyed without our consent.

Why we will win World War III

This card also gives an interesting reflection of the current WWIII battleground. The people of the world who haven’t joined the cult of The Science (TM) and who want to live in freedom — from the NYC firefighters to thousands of nurses and medical workers across America, from the French eating their picnic dinners on the ground outside the restaurants they’re banned from entering to the Australian truckies, from airline pilots to parents homeschooling their children — are playing a big game of chicken with the Controllers over their vaccine mandates and passports.

Also, it’s important to remember that we are not alone. We have help. All around the world people are coming together, forming new communities and mutual aid networks, reaching out to strangers to offer support.

We also have help in the unseen world. World War III is a spiritual war and an information war. All of the Controllers’ major attacks on the people of the world in the last two years share the same root energy — the denial of an intelligent, loving Creator, and the simultaneous fear of / embrace of Death, which is the only logical outcome in a materialist reality.

Like everything else in the Matrix, this reality is only true if you give it your consent. If you choose not to consent, then please take heart and remember that we have allies in the invisible realms who are rooting for us to win this war. Even when, like Joy in the 7 of Poetry card, the situation appears hopeless and there seems to be no way of defeating such a fearsome, powerful enemy, our boldness and alignment with truth can connect us with support from the spiritual realms.


(1) Reinhold Ebertin was the founder of the Cosmobiology school of astrology. The citations above are from Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

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