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(Your Love Is) Bad Medicine

A Scorpio Full Moon Tale

You may have heard about the case of Neil Ferguson. The man they call "Professor Lockdown" resigned from his position at the United Kingdom's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) Tuesday after admitting he had violated social distancing guidelines to liaise with his married lover.

This is so Scorpio Full Moon on several levels. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, hidden agendas, and unconscious power drives. In addition to symbolizing sexual magnetism and taboos, Scorpio is the private detective of the zodiac. Scorpio tells us that we have to be willing to dive deep and look at what's hiding in the depths of the soul if we want to be free. Another way of saying this is, if you want access to all of the power of the soul, you have to face and integrate your shadow.

The Full Moon in any sign is going to pull unconscious energies up from the shadows. That energetic of the unconscious, exposed runs high under a Scorpio Full Moon.

Ferguson was a key architect of the global coronavirus lockdown that has adversely affected hundreds of millions of people's lives in a way we really can't even begin to accurately quantify at this stage.

"Ferguson’s work has been instrumental in shaping public health responses to outbreaks including swine flu, Ebola and Zika. Ferguson has long advised authorities including the World Health Organization and national governments in Britain, Europe and the U.S.," Time Magazine notes.

As the lead researcher for Imperial College of London's Covid-19 Response Team, Ferguson coauthored several key papers that laid the foundation for the ongoing government lockdowns in the U.K. and U.S.

"On March 16, Ferguson and his team at Imperial College London published a now-famous paper claiming that coronavirus was so deadly, more than 500,000 Britons would die if nothing was done to tackle it," Ross Clark writes in the The Daily Mail. The paper also predicted 250,000 Brits would die even if the government maintained its March level of social distancing.

Remember Sweden? The country that didn't do a lockdown? Well, it turns out Swedish authorities ran a simulation using Ferguson's pandemic model. The model showed 40,000 Swedes would die by May 1, with 90,000 COVID deaths by the end of June. (Sweden's coronavirus death toll as of this writing is just under 3,000.)

Scorpio's X-ray Vision

Psychological x-ray vision - seeing through your facade and tapping into what you most want to keep hidden - is Scorpio's superpower. The 2020 Scorpio Full Moon came with an especially strong charge by virtue of falling two degrees from the cross-quarter points of Beltane/Samhain (May Day and Halloween for those of you who don't celebrate the ancient Nature holy-days).*

I feel it's important to tap into that Scorpio power of cutting through false fronts and discerning the motivations of the entities behind this unprecedented shutdown of society for a couple reasons.

Astrology tells us this episode was merely Round 1 in a several-years battle between the parasitic agenda of war, disease, poverty and control and the cosmic truth that there is always enough and that our true birthright is one of peace, plenty, liberty and health.

I will look at the longer-term astrological factors at play in part 2 of this piece, but the fact Neil Ferguson got caught on the Beltane Full Moon suggests this is more than just the story of a 'famous scientist who preached on the virtues of quarantine while secretly hooking up with his married girlfriend.' There are layers of lies and hidden agendas are at work here - and that they will eventually be exposed.

The immediate (as in the day after) result of Ferguson's dire predictions was to shut down Britain's society and economy, with other European countries and the United States following suit not long after.

* Like the solstices and equinoxes, the cross-quarter days are tied into the collective 'world horoscope' by being in hard aspect to the Aries Point. Aspect patterns that happen on these points tend to have a stronger resonance within the collective consciousness.

Mediocre Bad Guys

Should we be concerned that the WHO, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and many other "first world" governments based their response to the coronavirus on Imperial College's combination of curated data sets, flawed modeling assumptions, spectacularly fucked-up code, and wild speculation?

Or that this kind of sloppy philosophy-dressed-as-science has been pushed by the corporate global media to justify a worldwide shutdown of society that will result in a catastrophic amount of long-term social, emotional, financial, and physical damage?

(The child abuse, domestic abuse, and suicide tolls of the lockdown are only just beginning to poke through the media blanket of pandemic panic porn.)

Because Ferguson - who is not a medical doctor but rather holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics - has been wrong before. In fact:

Ferguson has a very public track record of being spectacularly, catastrophically wrong.

In 2002, Ferguson predicted up to 150,000 people could die of mad cow disease. Fewer than 200 did. In 2005, he predicted up to 200 million people would be killed by avian flu and in 2009 his model showed 65,000 Britons would die from swine flu.

Ferguson's model estimated an infection mortality rate (IFR) of 0.9 percent for COVID-19. Based on the exceptionally high transmission rates being ascribed to SARS-CoV-2 in the early days of the epidemic an IFR of 0.9% would indeed result in a catastrophic number of deaths.

Thankfully, Ferguson's model was just as wrong as usual. Current estimates put the global IFR at closer to 0.025 percent, meaning about 2.5 people will die among every 1,000 people infected. And the final number is likely to be even lower in people under age 70 and/or without two or more serious preexisting health conditions such as COPD, diabetes, or heart disease.(1)

What Can Science tell Us About COVID-19?

Here are a few actual statistical facts that are virtually beyond question based on the data so far:

  • COVID mortality in children seems to be near zero, unlike the seasonal flu. (1)

  • The median age of COVID deaths worldwide hovers around age 80. (2)

  • The elderly and people with three or more comorbidities are at much higher risk than the rest of the population. (1)

  • In the U.S. between 50 and 80 percent of all COVID deaths are from the nursing home population. (2)

  • Chief government scientists in Switzerland and Australia have gone on record stating that children are not drivers of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

  • There is no scientific evidence that cloth masks help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. (3) There is very little chance of COVID transmission happening outdoors. (4)

  • The highest transmission rates occur indoors, at home, and in closed public transit spaces. (5)

Stay Inside?

Neil Ferguson's public relations gaffe seems even more telling when you factor in recent studies on global COVID-19 transmission. Dr. Muge Cevik, a virology clinician and researcher at the University of St. Andrews, analyzed data sets involving more than 17,000 people to learn what contact tracing and community spread could tell us about the transmission dynamics of COVID-19. If you're still wondering how this global lockdown and constant media fear barrage could still be happening if it's not really based on scientific facts, it's worth reading Cevik's Twitter thread to see the 10 data sets for yourself. (5)

Cevik’s conclusion is that “close and prolonged contact is required for COVID-19 transmission. The risk is highest in enclosed environments; household, long-term care facilities, and public transport. "Casual, short interactions are not the main driver of the epidemic," Cevic adds, "though keep social distancing!”

Not only was Ferguson breaking the social isolation rules he helped author and popularize, he was doing everything required to actually spread the coronavirus to others: engaging in prolonged contact in an enclosed space with a woman who would then leave his home and return to her home where she lives with her husband and children.

What price did Neil Ferguson pay to society for refusing to abide by the government's lockdown rules? Despite Matt Hancock, the British health secretary, branding Ferguson's lockdown violation as "extraordinary" and "a matter for the police," Scotland Yard announced there would be no investigation. Ferguson didn't lose his day job at Imperial College. He didn't lose his paycheck.

But that's the thing about privilege, right? The lockdown laws that have plunged millions of people into desperate circumstances overnight don't apply equally. If you're a hairdresser trying to keep your kids fed or a mom letting her kids play with the neighbor kids you're likely to get a visit from the cops. You could very well end up doing jail time.

It's - apparently - easy to tell people what to do when you can afford to stay in your cushy house with your private, fenced-off little piece of nature for several months at a time and have everything you need delivered to your doorstep. (All of you supposedly 'woke' folks on Instagram and Twitter mask-shaming people and yelling at everyone to just #stayhome, I'm looking at you.)

Adverse Effects on Society

I'm not going to go into the long-term adverse effects of quarantine and enforced isolation, but let's just call out some of the immediate social effects of the coronavirus lockdown we've all noticed:

Fear effects:

  • People are even more afraid of other people than before.

  • People are afraid of being touched. Many are making plans to avoid touching or being touched "until a vaccine is developed" or indefinitely.

  • People are afraid of the outdoors and Nature (I've talked to people who literally believe being outdoors in the last two months could kill you).

  • People are willing to surrender their basic First Amendment freedoms of assembly, and free speech.

  • Acceptance of government surveillance (drones, cell phone tracking) and censorship, including: YouTube shadow-banning or deleting videos challenging the Imperial College/WHO coronavirus narrative; Facebook asking users to inform on one another and deleting posts connected to anti-lockdown protests.

Anger effects:

  • Polarization: People have been shockingly willing to become government informants, calling the police on parents who let their children play with other children, businesses.

  • Division (Us vs Them) - Upsurge in anger and hostility towards strangers (they may be carrying the 'death germ').

  • Upsurge in racism, classism, and white hostility.

  • Social media shaming and virtue signaling as a way of shaming and attacking those one considers dangerous or who hold different viewpoints.

  • General anger arising from a collective confusion about what to believe when bombarded with contradictory and non-sensical truths.

In addition to their effect on our social fabric, these emotional triggers lead to a heightened stress response and lowered immune function, making the population more susceptible to the next wave of death that the media keeps promising us is imminent.

Much of the scientific data listed above has been available to government scientists and the mainstream media for at least a month now. So why would the mainstream media continue to fill the air with panic porn like there's no tomorrow? Why would state governors and mayors in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and other major cities continue to push their panic narratives?

More importantly, Is there a silver lining? And what is the best response those of us who came here to help heal Mother Earth and bring about a new, love-based society can offer? Part 2: Into the Great Wide Open - coming soon.



(1) - "Global Covid-19 Case Fatality Rates," Oxford Center for Evidence-Based Medicine website. (Note: There are so many other places where you can find the same data but this CEBM page does a good job of collecting important data and linking to more detailed analyses.)

(2) - Here's a recent chart for deaths by age group in New York City on the reliable Worldometers site. To get COVID-19 mortality data by age, and to get data on how many COVID-19 deaths are from the nursing home population, you pretty much have to go state by state and country by country. Recent numbers from state and country governmental health authorities put the median age of death by COVID-19 at 80 years (with remarkable consistency, I might add).

(3) - "Data do not back cloth masks to limit COVID-19, experts say," Center for Disease Research and Policy, University of Minnesota. Many other studies have suggested that home-made cloth masks (as opposed to N95 masks) are actually more dangerous to the public health in countries like the USA where people won't handle masks appropriately.

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