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New Cosmic Fire Offerings for May

As you know, last month we ended our membership program at Cosmic Fire to focus more on creative ways of supporting the community, including recording and writing projects, as well as more on-demand type services, and we're happy to report that so far it's been great!

Just like the energy of High Spring, we're bursting with fresh inspiration, and we've been hatching ideas on our daily countryside walks as the flowers and birds are singing to each other and us.

Here are some of the things we're offering for the month of May:

Join DK + Tatiana in sacred space for downloads on the energies afoot for the lunar cycle that starts with the Taurus New Moon on May 11th and runs until the next New Moon in Gemini on June 10th. We get into the big themes we're seeing over the next month and then break it down with a psychic weather report from Tatiana and a reading on the astrology from DK.

We look at the significant manifestation potentials that kick in at the May 11th Taurus New Moon and how you can align with these. DK discusses the May 26 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and looks at how you can access the abundance energy of Jupiter in Pisces, given Jupiter's position as the focal point of a T-square from the eclipse Sun and Moon.

The eclipse full moon on May 26 is also a supermoon, so it should be pretty spectacular, especially for those on the West Coast who will be privileged to view the eclipse totality.

This eclipse season is likely to bring more societal shake-ups and challenges. For those who haven't grounded and powered up during Taurus season, it could be a particularly challenging period because, once again, we have a Mercury Retrograde plopped down right in the middle of two eclipses.

We explore the themes of the Gemini Mercury Retrograde (May 29 - June 22) and share perspectives and tools that can benefit you longterm, as well as giving you a smoother ride through eclipse season.

Tatiana ends the report with a beautiful short meditation to focus you on the beauty and love within and all around you this Spring. With almost an hour of content, you're sure to find some gems and inspiration to support you all through the month!

The New Moon Report is available for immediate download in the shop.

Download-of-the-Month: Power Up!

Relax, recharge, and reclaim your personal power!

Deep or repeated trauma tends to weaken the energy boundaries around our solar plexus/power center. In this guided meditation, Tatiana leads you through a process to clear any energies or entities that have taken up residence in your power center. She then guides you through the process of reclaiming lost, stolen, or fragmented pieces of your Self and restoring your naturally fierce, loving and protective energy boundaries.

The journey ends with a beautiful solar plexus recharge, where you'll enjoy breathing in the light of creation to restore your power center to its true radiance. This is a short and sweet but powerful meditative journey that can help you:

  • Reclaim your right to shine your light and to extend your true Will out into the world.

  • Repair your self-esteem.

  • Heal old wounds or trauma that left an imprint of helplessness or despair.

  • Rid yourself of parasitic entities that harvest your energy and drain your power.

  • Strengthen your energetic and emotional boundaries and reclaim your inner authority.

You'll love relaxing into this process any time you need to Power Up and recharge your self-esteem and self-love.

Available for immediate download in the shop. Or, join our brand new Download-of-the-Month Club to receive a new audio (meditation, music, brainwave, etc) in your inbox every month. Details are here.

New Personal Astrology Reports from DK

This is exciting! DK is offering this new service where you can get a personal astrology report for the month for about half of the cost of a session.

Here’s how it works: Send your birth data and he'll send you an MP3 audio or a PDF document describing the energies he sees affecting you most over the next four weeks or so. He’ll look at your natal chart, transits, and progressed chart and tune in light of the lunar cycle and any other transits that are hitting your chart.

You can also ask a specific question, in which case, he’ll focus more on the question than on pointing out key days that are likely to be positive or challenging.

Either way, he’ll spend about an hour looking at your chart and recording a mini-reading for the month ahead and send an audio (or transcript) that's yours to keep and listen to (or read) whenever you like.

Check out the details and purchase yours here.

Spirit Sundays: Community Circle

On Spirit Sundays, Tatiana will facilitate guided meditation and energy clearings for the group, and hold space for sharing and community connection.

Spirit Sundays are 2nd Sundays of the month at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

Circle is offered by donation.

Calls are not recorded.

To join, RSVP here or send a donation to Tatiana using the donate button below and specify that it's for Spirit Sundays. Tatiana will then send you the Zoom link to attend.

Thanks for being part of our conscious community! We're so grateful and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!


Tatiana + DK

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