Psychic Weather Report: The Trap of Materialism

In this episode of the Psychic Weather Report, I break down another pitfall that lightworkers sometimes stumble into, which is trying to create change on the level of form instead of the level of mind.

When we recognize there is a problem on the material plane of existence, we must get to the root cause of what is happening at the level of mind in order to change anything.

Until the root cause is discovered and corrected, no change will occur at the physical level of what we see manifested in the world. We must discover the truth of what actually creates human suffering, which is the mental programs we are running. When we do the work of freeing our minds from their prisons, we can be effective agents of change both within our lives and in the world. There is no separation.

Here's a link to the meditation I mentioned in the report: The Four-Layer Shield Technique

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